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About TNL 58′

TNL 58′ (or The Next Level) is a 58 minute deeply connective full-body workout designed to empower the heart, body and mind.  Launched in Paris by Jess King in 2016, TNL 58′ combines high intensity exercises with meditation; all movements are synched to the tempo and vibration of each song on a curated playlist, creating a powerful and personalized workout experience.

High Intensity + Meditation = Perfect Together

“Meditation is particularly effective when incorporated into a high intensity workout. While the heart rate is elevated, we are able to more quickly connect with our breath.  For those new to meditation or who feel intimidated by it, TNL 58′ is a perfect entry to this powerful and healing tool.  As an avid athlete of over 25 years, a coach of over 15 years and a meditator of around 8 years, I’ve experienced tremendous healing personally through combining intense effort and meditation.  These are highly complementary areas that somehow have been ignored by the HIIT community.  So often as humans we love to put things in boxes when in fact through lifting barriers we expand.  Naturally, each meditation needs to be led with presence. TNL 58′ incorporates several meditations in each session.”   – Jess, King, Founder of TNL 58′

About Jess King


Jess King is a passionate singer-songwriter, coach and athlete based between Paris and New York since 2012.  In 2016, Jess King created and launched HIIT-meditation workout TNL 58′ (The Next Level), combining her talents as a gifted artist and holistic fitness coach.
A firm believer that all things are possible, Jess King’s primary goal through TNL 58′ is to inspire a ‘heartfirst’ lifestyle with a foundation of courage, self-love and positive vibes.